Restaurant Menu – Your Business In Your Own Hands

Restaurant Menu is a versatile tool to automate taking and dealing with orders from a digital menu or catalogue.

Created by the expert developers at Cymaxtec, Restaurant Menu is the perfect ordering solution for restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes and more. Create your own menu or digital catalogue and allow guests and customers to see what you offer in an attractive, practical and innovative way.

As a cloud-based solution, Restaurant Menu allows the management of orders generated by guests or staff to be controlled with ease. The app allows you to reflect the identity of your business’ brand through a modifiable interface, making sure you stay ahead of your competitors.

Optimising your staff’s time and streamlining your customers’ experiences, Restaurant Menu enables you to manage your menu or catalogue in real time with the ability to change prices, descriptions, availability and visibility of items whenever you like.

Adaptable for many types of business and scenarios, Restaurant Menu allows you to configure roles and sub-roles for different area of your company and give customisable access to staff of different authority levels no matter if the system is on or offline.

This ground-breaking, feature-packed application also permits you to share and print order details via a configured printer through Google Cloud Print. Restaurant Menu’s reporting feature means you can view and export details such as total sales per order and total sales per item over daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual periods.

CEO Germán Prpic said: "The idea for Restaurant Menu was born when I was sitting in a bar in El Born, Barcelona. The waiter took our order in an illegible scrawl and the need to resolve this common problem was obvious. Thanks to the hard work and collaboration of many professionals and experts, as well as major time and financial investments, a cloud-based, Android solution that meets the needs of hotels, restaurants and bars was created."

“Restaurant Menu serves as digital catalogue and an order management tool. Highly customizable, companies can tailor the appearance of the application to the business’ identity to present a range of products and services on Android devices in an attractive, intuitive and modern way."

Available to download now via the Play Store and Amazon Marketplace, Restaurant Menu is compatible with all devices running Android 2.3 and later.

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