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What is Restaurant Menu?

Is a menu or digital catalog from which guests can see the offer in an attractive, modern and innovative way, and where also can order themselves.

Is a versatil tool for presenting slides at fullscreen in Android TVs or conventional TVs with Android Stick. Very useful for presenting offers or promote items.

This solution goes beyond allowing the management of orders generated by guests or staff of your business from different devices configured with different roles.


This is a cloud based solution, but without dependencies with third parties. We have developed an efficient sync protocol that ensures ultimate performance and reliability in data transmission.


Facilitates the customer care in an attractive, intuitive and simple way to provide more information that ensures a successful and satisfying choice.

Streamlines attention and reduces waiting times.

Optimizes staff time.

Allows reflect the identity of your business through flexible interface customization.

Allows you to apart from your competition by incorporating modern technology to your business.

Allows you to manage your menu/catalog from your device in real time by changing prices, descriptions, availability and visibility of items.

Allows you to manage the orders of guests by making changes in real time of statuses of orders to allow subsequent processing thereof by the various users of the solution.

Promote items from the menu/catalog is very simple thanks to the feature of including tagged items into categories.

Some screenshots

Some possible applications

The characteristics of this solution make it suitable for use in different scenarios, here are some examples:

Menu or digital catalog

The guest receives a tablet where he can navigate through the gastronomic offer and decide what he want to order. Then the waiter generates an order to the guest using another tablet.

Menu or digital catalog interactive

The guest receives a tablet where he can navigate through the gastronomic offer and then make an order himself. Then the guest sends the order through the system. The order sent is received and processed from other tablets.


A waiter can create and manage orders from his own device.

Terminal for presale: can be used to generate and manage orders from devices configured with Administrator or Superuser role (creation of orders, modification of statuses, printing, etc.).


The versatility of this solution makes it suitable for use in Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and other types of businesses. In turn, thanks to that it can operate off-line, can be used to take orders in areas without Internet coverage.

Highlighted features

User roles

The different roles and subroles available allow you to configure a device for use in different areas of your business.

Menu/catalog views

The different available views of the menu/catalog give you more flexibility to choose the one that best suits your business.

Color themes

The different color themes available allow you to choose the most appropriate to reflect the identity of your business on the application.

Built-in icon gallery

The menu/catalog can be designed quickly and with great flexibility by choosing icons for your items and categories from the built-in gallery of icons.

Operation online and offline

This application can operate online and offline making it equally suitable for use in areas without Internet coverage. All the information generated by a device is synchronized with the cloud once Internet access is achieved.

Other features

This solution was developed to run on Android devices natively making it extremely agile.

Print or share the details of orders. You can use Google Cloud Print – Chrome to send a specific order to a printer configured as shared on a Google account. You can also share the details of an order, for example by sending it by email.

Reporting feature where you can view and export sales details by choosing from one of the following variants: – Orders list, – Total sales per period (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual), – Total sales per item and per period (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual).

The reporting feature is also available from our website accessing through the userzone shortcut.

Tax support: You can use a predefined tax for each business, calculate the price of the items including the tax or not, and choose to show or not the tax to your guests.

Tips support and split calculation of the amount of an order between several people: You can easily calculate a tip percentage and split the bill among multiple people at the time the order is paid.

Present in many markets

The application can be downloaded from different markets:

  • Google play (
  • Amazon (
  • Slide me (
  • Opera Mobile Store (
  • Android PIT (
  • Others.

You can also download and install it directly from here.


We are constantly working to bring you a solution that more suits your needs, which is why we are open and willing to make changes and improvements you suggest.

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